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Vid pitch DONE right 

  1. Add background music

  2. Use a personal but non-professional touch (keep it real and honest, people like to know  that you’re human)

  3. Start with a statement that gets attention and interest

  4. Move fast between screens and shooting angles. Keep your audience hooked (but don’t lose them)

  5. Core concepts should be emphasized by speech / text / sound effects to make them memorable

  6. Make it fun so people enjoy watching (entertain)

  7. At the end of the day, this is only the teaser

After the first pitch, you should keep creating videos that will explain multiple aspects of your startup including Q&A’s, new features, feedback you got from users, new milestones you achieved, etc.

*NB - Don’t bombard your viewers with all of the info in the first video. Tease them and make them impressed but curious to find out more