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What’s wrong with traditional pitch decks?

With the number of startups looking to raise investment increasing, and the global venture funding decreasing by 35% since 2021, startups need to be far more creative in order to capture the attention of investors.

VCs and angels are looking for companies which can show dynamism and innovation, and presentations are no longer the best way to go. Investors want to understand your charisma and your character, and how you can persuade people and show the passion you have about your idea.

Investors see so many PowerPoints every day, to the point that an average investor spends 3 minutes and 44 seconds looking at your hard work. The best way to extend that is by being different.

That begs the question, what’s the best medium for business to raise investment in 2023?

Video pitch decks.

Video creates a fully immersive experience for the investor, allowing you to evoke more emotion, create a better storyline and express your personality far better than any PowerPoint would ever be able to.

Practically they’re ideal too - an investor can’t skip a slide in a video presentation, because they’ll miss part of the story.

Investors aren’t old guys behind big wooden desks anymore, we’re seeing so many investors popping up in their late teens and early twenties. They consume so much video content on TikTok, Youtube or Instagram that a video pitch is showing your startup story through a medium they’re used to - it feels natural to them.

Let’s bring Hollywood to startup investment!

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