An international program for mid & high schools' students, will take students from zero to startup

We believe that the world's biggest problem is that there aren't enough young people working on the world's biggest problems.

UpNext runs online  entrepreneurship training programs for youths aged 13 to 18. UpNext is passionate about inspiring youths to #BeBold, especially at an age when they have little to lose and so much to gain. The goal is to develop their skills and help them achieve their fullest potential through entrepreneurship.

Upnext is the first online combination of social network, Up Skilling platform & accelerator for GenZ. 

Our goal is to inspire teenagers worldwide to find innovative solutions to local and global challenges. We form mixed, multinational teams of teens from around the world and enable them to collaborate in solving real world problems. This is through the creation of real startups, in which a product /solution to a selected problem is realized. 


This is your students chance to become a co-founder in a startup that could change the world.

Are you a teen?  Run a startup! 

A talk by one of UpNext mentors,Michael Matias


Start young ,Very Young 

Bella is a mentor at UpNext and she started when she was 11 !

Video based mentoring 

Feedback from top mentors without the the hassle of  syncing schedules 

Product planing & features prioritization 

User flow demo


Social micro learning 

Self paced,video based micro learning that prepares you for your first startup