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An Online, International, Cross-cultural Platform for Teens - Digital Entrepreneurship

UpNexts goal is to Inspire Junior High and High School students around the world to search for and find new solutions for local or global issues surrounding us today. While developing these solutions, the students will acquire skills, knowledge, and values that will get them ready for life in its current era - an era that is always changing and never certain.  


Another goal of UpNext is to form teams of mixed culture students from schools all over the world, and let them participate in making a real life start-up together. In this way a solution and a real working digital product is realized. 








The Online Platform:

The students will receive online access to a global, social networking platform for teens in the field of entrepreneurship. They will acquire knowledge and skills that will let them co-operate and work as an international team; covering how to establish a startup based on a digital product. These skills are acquired by interactive learning, which includes numerous videos and tasks given online, using the approach of micro Learning, based on the learning principles of the 21st century (small portions over time). The personal studying of different modules will open up their mind and give them the experience needed to form a startup team with different users from Israel and the world, with our UpNext platform. 


Our platform enables each student to progress in his/her own time. To better themselves and their skills consistently needed for the world of entrepreneurship. All while being a part of an international community of different young entrepreneurs giving one another inspiration throughout the year. The students will take part in collaborative activities such as testing and giving feedback on other startups, as well as online professional courses that will help them to specialize in technical software that is relevant and adapted to their level of understanding. This will also assist students with their English speaking/ comprehension - a critical skill for any stage in life. 


Being the international platform that it is, all tasks and information are in English. This sets an important obstacle for the non-native speakers, including basic abilities that will get better over time, as they progress in each study unit. As well as the ability to communicate in English which is an important part of working with an international team. UpNext will have modules available that will help them better their English in ways that are relevant to their work and development as a start-up.



Schools that are interested in offering access to our international platform for 7th-12th grade students, have the intention to educate and prepare the students for entrepreneurship using our international, and multicultural project to establish a start-up.


The Price:

For $1500 a year, each of your 7th-12th grade students will have access to UpNexts Discovery & Up-Skilling stage. Which includes all the modules they contain. 


License Validity: 

The validity of each school license will be for one year (12 months) from the date of signing an agreement between the school and UpNext.


Usage of the Online Platform:

Being that UpNext is an international platform, the teens will cooperate with different countries. The school understands and agrees to offer this service to their students, in the international format, with no private changes or any specific adjustments.


Terms of Payment:

The original price for the use of the UpNext platform, Discovery & Up-Skilling phase, is calculated as $1 per month only.

The school will allow every student at the relevant age to be part of the UpNext activity.

Even if the number of users is higher then expected, the price paid by the school will not exceed $1500.

E.g. In the event that only 100 students will actively participate, the yearly price will be $1200. In cases like this, schools will receive a 300$ discount on next years license.


Status updates to the school:

Upnext will give school representatives access to a dedicated dashboard, which will hold information that’s relevant to each participating school. 


Examples of this information:

Number of users from the school

An average of time students have been on our platform in a daily/ weekly/ monthly/ yearly format. 

Links to material done by the schools’ students, such as: 

Presentations, video clips, samples of products made, and more.


Follow up stage - Product development:

Participants interested in continuing to the next phase of building their digital product in an international team (Start-up) using advanced tools and personal guidance from our professional mentors, and later on raising capital from UpNext’s investors, using this platform, will work directly with UpNext (outside of school). They will do so by paying a minimal fee of $49 a month. At this stage in our process, we include mentoring and business consultation done by our leading entrepreneurs and investors. 


An important note:

No prior coding experience is needed in order to participate in all of the activities described above.

All products will be built using no-code tools, which will let users build their digital products of the highest quality,  without writing a single line of code, therefore no prior knowledge of programming is not a barrier.