UpNext & Reactor 

An international program by two of the leading startup schools for teens, will take you from zero to startup ...online.


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We believe that the world's biggest problem is that there aren't enough young people working on the world's biggest problems.

Reactor runs entrepreneurship training programs for youths aged 13 to 24, across APAC. Reactor is passionate about inspiring youths to #BeBold, especially at an age when they have little to lose and so much to gain. The goal is to develop their skills and help them achieve their fullest potential through entrepreneurship.


UpNext is the first online accelerator for GenZ. 

Our goal is to inspire teenagers worldwide to find innovative solutions to local and global challenges. We form mixed, multinational teams of teens from around the world and enable them to collaborate in solving real world problems. This is through the creation of real startups, in which a product /solution to a selected problem is realized. 


This is your chance to become a co-founder in a startup that could change the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply for this programme?

Eligibility Criteria

1) Between the ages of 13 to 18
2) A student based in either Singapore or Israel

Successful applicants will require a signed parental approval for participation in the program.

What happens after I get accepted?

The program is 6 months long. In the first month you'll be learning fundamental skills to prepare you to become startup founders. Over the next 3 months you'll be building a real product (app/ website) that solves one of the worlds biggest problems and will onboard your first batch of users.
For the last 2 months, you'll be meeting (online) with investors from all around the world and try to raise capital ($10K - $50K) to kickstart your startups' growth.
The last month will be dedicted to find a relevant buyer to your startup and make a "micro exit".

Must I already have an idea or concept for a startup?

Certainly not. There is no need for any previous experince in building a startup.
During the first phase of the program, there will be sufficient time for you to choose a problem you'd like your startup to solve, and find capable teammates with the same aspirations.

How will I be divided into teams?

As a part of the program, you'll get the opportunity to explore and discover which role you are most suited for in a startup team.

You'll be teamed up with other teens, with complementary skills that will maximize your potential to create amazing stuff, as a team.

How many hours a week will I have to invest in the programme?

We do not set a minimum or maximum amount of time which you have to commit to. Just like in the real world, if you invest in something, it grows. If not... Well then it won't grow. However, we do hope that you'll fall in love with your team and startup plus invest in it as much time as you can.

Do I have to be a programmer in order to participate?

Definitely not. Our program is designed for aspiring entrepreneurs, and not programmers. Did you know that only 20% of the workforce in the startup scene have a technical background? Furthermore, we will equip you with no-code platforms and tools that will allow you to build amazing apps and websites that looks just like the popular ones you use everyday.
* If you have experience in programming, that's an advantage that you will certanly be able to leverage. However, you will find that our no-code applications enable you to build and test their solutions far quicker than traditional development is able to.

What am I getting as a part of the programme?

This program is the most advanced and up-to-date startup program around.
You'll be getting free access to industry's top tools and software (usually worth more than $1,000).
You'll be working with like minded teens from around the world that were carefully selected (like you), based on their passion to build a startup and unique skills.

You'll be mentored by top tier entrepreneurs, investors, business and social leaders from around the globe that will give you priceless insights, sharing with you their years of experience.

Why should I choose this program over other programes?

The UpNext and Reactor international program is market oriented, which means that we are super practical and will make sure you'll get to the point where you have an amazing working app real fast.

We believe that theory and life long learning is super important but you need to be able to apply your knowledge to a working product the moment you learn it.

Hence, this program is what you need in order to gain extremely crutial hands-on experience. At the end of the procees you'll have a real product (not a demo or presentation) to show, to keep developing into an even larger company.