Zur Feldman
Founder & Chairman of UpNext Education

Hi, my name is Zur Feldman.
I’m the founder and Chairman of UpNext LTD

Over the last  3 decades I have managed diverse Corporations - large and small, as well as founded multiple startups- most of which eventually  operated globally across multiple continents. 


I have learned that a leadership style based on sound principles and values is a critical virtue that will support anyone in any situation, no matter the position or role he or she holds .

One of the most important insights I have acquired is that leadership can be taught. More than this-the best practice when it comes to leadership, is “learning by doing:  each person developing and evolving in his or her own gifted style.

After working with hundreds of leaders globally across many different industries, technologies and cultures-building organizations while grooming countless managers, executives and CEOs-  I was inspired to create a platform that would enable younger generations, as young as 13, to go on a journey of developing their leadership traits and exposing their passions and aspirations from early on.This program, UpNext, propels youth to chase their dreams by helping them develop their own  ideas and take the steps to turn them into a company that is inspired by shared values and can make a difference and change the world for the better. 


Since I spent most of my career working with industry professionals, customers and investors from countries around the world, I know first hand how important it is to have cross cultural  experience in doing meaningful real world projects.This is how I conceived the UpNext philosophy of sharing practices with kids globally... 

We have brilliant kids. The world they are and will be growing up into is so much more pluralistic, dynamic, fast and flexible than the world I grew up in. 

Why not nurture and mentor the leaders of tomorrow by the top entrepreneurs of today?

We At UpNext, this is what we do. Meanwhile creating an experience that is fun, engaging, relevant and rewarding in a way that kids cannot get enough of.

Imagine this: Erik from the US, Yukako from Japan, Ann-Kathrine from Germany, Chen from China and David from Israel all working together as a team, online, mostly using their smartphones. They are brainstorming, delegating tasks to one another, being held accountable for their own contribution to the team and meanwhile building a mobile app/digital product that launches worldwide, improving the lives of thousands if not tens of thousands, men women and children around the world .


This entire process is  simultaneously being mentored by top global entrepreneurs who give the teams their feedback on a weekly basis, guiding the students through the adventure.


This is UpNext!


We are currently on a drive to find passionate teens with an urge to lead and contribute to humanity. 

These teens will write our history, learning from our mistakes and their own, gaining from our successes and failures 

Now, especially,is the time to act, as we face a unique situation with countless international challenges.COVID 19 (known as the coronavirus) has brought many new hurdles into our lives. 


We at UpNext are confident that the talented teens going through our program could be a part of the solution. Starting April 2020 we will be teaming up kids from different countries on a special task force with one goal… To invent and build digital solutions to the many challenges humanity is currently facing due to the coronavirus.


Join us at UpNext, today!